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I‘m experiencing a bit of pea-epiphany!


Not only are they utterly delicious plucked straight from the pod, but they make an attractive plant in our garden. I’m growing them up structures that add height and structure, in pots up tall sticks tied together at the top to create wigwams, and also in closely sowed rows up twigs stuck in the soil for support. Peas are part of the Legume family – grow in pods just like beans and lentils, and people all over the world eat them as a major part of their diet because no other plants are as rich in protein.

Not only are peas easy to grow, give an incredible crop, bear beautiful flowers, but they are also a feeder crop – adding nitrogen and enriching the soil for the next harvest.



My all time favourite pea recipe is


  1. Simply pod freshly picked young peas until you have about a cupful.
  2. In a mortar and pestle crush half together with a handful of fresh mint leaves and salt until a paste.
  3. Then add rest of peas and break down a little until you have a “smoosh” of bright green deliciousness, both smooth and chunky.
  4. Now add a glug of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, a few spoons of grated pecorino, and cracked black pepper.
  5. Toast your sourdough bread, and rub with half a garlic clove before topping it with this amazing and tasty PEA SMASH.

Mmmmmm …. just thinking, wouldn’t this also be amazing stirred through a bowl of hot pasta, …… or as a topping on a piece of grilled fish …… endless possibilities ! PEA-UTIFUL