Hello lovers! It’s been a whole minute since I last posted and after this long weekends slow pace, I finally feel relaxed and ready to get back into the swing of things.

B and I were lucky enough to be treated with an overnight stay and the perfect getaway at Sondagskloof this weekend. We stayed at the Vlei Chalet tucked away in the middle of nowhere, glistening in front of a forest of trees. Call me silly, but it’s probably the closest I’ll ever be to staying at one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses. The architecture and just the sheer nature of its layout will set all your bohemian dreams on fire.

Slow living at its best, no cellphone signal or WiFi you’ll be amazed how much you actually end up doing without. It’s a fully equipped  self-catering cabin with a gas stove top – even after reading this a thousand times….I packed in a Woolies ready made lasagna. Thinking it will go down with a nice glass of wine or two. Only to realize lasagna needs to be made in the oven!!!!

All we had was some crisps and muffins which was meant to be for breakfast the next morning – we ate it all ravenously. Even without a warm cooked meal, we ended up sitting outside on the porch and eating our snacks under the moonlight. For the rest of the night Bryce made a fire and sat in the hanging egg chair, I lay on the wooden hammock just taking it all in. Such bliss and comfort with no real itinerary and no habit of scrolling up and down on the phone.

When the chill kicked in, we spent the rest of night cozily watching the new Fantastic Beasts movie and ofcourse both falling asleep half way through. I’ll let you guys in on a lil secret – I’m not the biggest fan of sleeping in complete darkness. Luckily without having to waste any electricity, we slept with all the lights off. Where the roof and wall meet, there’s almost what I would call a bay window that runs along the top, which let the subtle moonlight shining in. It was like falling asleep in actual la la land.

We woke up super early and were greeted with Sondagskloof’s finest young lady, Lulu. This lil’ terrier will steal your heart with her cuteness and persuasiveness to give her treats. She usually pops up to check for any left over braai meat, but since we didn’t braai, we gave her a rusk instead. Almost tempted to take her back home with us and deal with the consequences later, haha! The morning there was just as beautiful as the afternoon spent. The dam up the hill as still as can be, and the trees in front, full of sound from the singing birds. Aaah-hah so this is why movie scenes of people drinking coffee on the porch are so appealing.

A beautiful slow start to the day ahead, I now understand the importance of living slowly and being conscious of all sensory profusion!

A big thanks to Cathy for having us over — a dream!

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